In vivo particle dose monitoring
by measurement of prompt gamma

Particle beam

Prompt gamma

Measurement system

1. Gamma Vertex Imaging (GVI)

2. Multi-slit Camera


Development of the VG1 Compton camera
for visualization of the radioactive location


Development of High-tech
Computational Human Phantoms

HDRK phantoms
PSRK phantoms
ICRP phantoms
4D phantoms

Welcome to HUREL:

We are a research group in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea. Our group is interested in developing innovative technologies in radiation engineering. For example, we are now developing a new type of Compton imaging system that can provide high-resolution 3D images. We are also developing a measurement system that can measure the proton beam range in the patient very accurately, which is important not only for the effectiveness of treatment, but also for the safety of the patient. Finally, we are developing polygon-based 4D computational human phantoms for 4D Monte Carlo dose calculations and imaging simulations. We understand that realizing these technologies is very challenging, requiring a significant amount of time and efforts, but once these technologies are successfully developed, the impact will be tremendous. To remain competitive with other research groups in this field, we are doing our best in learning and developing the three core technologies in our group, that is, integrated Monte Carlo radiation transport simulation, precision radiation measurement and imaging, and computational phantom technologies.

Once again, welcome! You are welcome to learn about our research activities and get to know the people working in our group.

Map & Direction

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Here is a map describing how you can find our Lab.